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MICROTEX ELECTRONICS, INC. is committed to providing a full range of service and support programs to its customers. We understand that efficient support is critical to your success and making sure our product works for you. This is why our staff of knowledgeable experts, who strive to exceed customer satisfaction, responds to your inquiries promptly and accurately.

Microtex Electronics, Inc. is interested in saving your capital investment. Let us save your resources for providing you exceptional repair work and maintenance and product testing programs.

We have a repair facility that repairs down to the component level. We can service 95% of the industrial, utility, and computer electronics in the industry.

  • Microtex Provides Fast, Fair, Electronic Repairs for all Industrial and Utility Electronics
  • Would you like a Free Estimate?  Download ourRepair Form here > And send us your Item.
  • Get your electronics repaired for much less than buying new.  Save Capital Investment.
  • If we cannot Repair your item, we will always provide a cost effective solution.

Our technical and engineering staff are committed to not only servicing your equipment, but providing OEM solutions, in the case the electronics is obsolete, too old, or unmanageable. Download our OEM brochure here. We can not only repair your electronics, but provide newly designed electronics that can act as drop-in replacements. We call it “Neo-Relic” electronics.

Get your items repaired fast!

Standard repairs are usually returned 5-14 days after you approve the job. OurMicrotex P1 Repair Service is for those customers who require spares and quick turnaround times and is available upon request.  A Microtex P1 repair takes 2-5 Days from the time you say “fix it!” We offer maintenance plans for both P1 and standard repairs for all sorts of electronic equipment.

Get our Repair brochure here for more information:

Warranty:  Our standard Repairs are warranted to be free from defect in workmanship and materials under normal conditions for a period of six months from date of shipment unless otherwise stated. Priority One repairs are warranted for 12 months unless otherwise noted. We stand behind our work.