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Fastreader 1 – ANSI 19.2Kb Optical Probe

Fastreader 2 –ANSI 56Kb Optical Probe

Fastreader 2P -ANSI 56Kb Optical Probe, Polycarbonate

Fastreader 2B -Bluetooth ANSI 56Kb Optical Probe

Fastreader 3 – ANSI 56Kb/Optocom 19.2KB Optical Probe

Fastreader 3A – Automatic ANSI/Optocom Optical Probe

Fastreader 3B -Bluetooth ANSI 56Kb / 19.2Kb Optocom Optical Probe

FRM – Meter Under Glass Electronic Meter Module

FRS –  Fastreader Submeter Unit

M587 – ANSI C12.18 Optical Port

LR2 – Long Range Wireless Data Radio

Fastreader Product Line – Overview Datasheet of the Fastreader Product Series

Optical Probe Belt Pouch – Customizable

M-Mount – Mobile Laptop Mounting Bracket

Pulsar 1 – Pulsar 1 Universal Microcontroller

Pulsar 2 – Pulsar 2 Universal Microcontroller

Pulsar DS – Pulsar DS Direct Screen Microcontroller Unit

Pulsar AT – Pulsar AT Mini Microcontroller Unit

Pulsar PIC Microchip Microcontroller Unit W/Analog Inputs

Pulsar PIC2 – Pulsar PIC Microchip Microcontroller Unit W/Wireless

Pulsar Accessories – Accessories  and option modules for the Pulsar Series Product Line

D-Port Port Saver Product

MTX1 Utility Desktop PC System

DR15TS Ruggedized laptop

MTX-MRB – Microtex Meter Reader’s Bundle (DR15TS + Probe)

Microtex Computer Cables Price List