Military Custom Cables

MILITARY CUSTOM CABLES:  Microtex can design a wire harness or cable assembly that matches the exact needs of the most demanding situation, including MIL-SPEC cables.  We analyze the electrical and mechanical requirements, and create a circuit diagram.  We then consider all the environmental aspects of the expected usage, such as abrasion, moisture, heat, vibration, and fire potential.   We also factor in installation requirements such as flexibility and ease of connection.  These analyses help us to make the best selection of wire gauges and coatings, terminals or connectors and their housings, and types of bundling, sleeves, or molding.  We also consider production and testing issues, and the need for American-made products.

GOAL:  Most of our existing wire harnesses and cable assemblies are high performance/harsh environment electronic products, which can provide high signal integrity under the toughest conditions.  However, our skills in this area enable us to handle other types of design and production.  We can also create wireless replacements for your wired cables.  Whether you have a specification that must be followed exactly, or you’re looking for an enhancement or completely new design, we have the expertise to create exactly what you need.


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