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The FR2B Defaults to 9600 Baud and the Focus Config Tool software runs at 4800 baud. Using Hyperterminal send the command baud4800. This changes the baud rate to 4800 baud. NVbaud4800 Saves it permanently.
Many USB to serial devices and USB to Bluetooth Keys do not have a Wireless Bluetooth Stack that will work with the FR2B. These devices were designed for PC peripherals, and their Bluetooth stack is not real-time to work with meter reading. Try a BT-USB or BT-PC adapter as these are engineered to work real-time with our wireless product.
The FR3-G5-18, FR3-FC200-18, FR2B, and FR3B will work with the FC200.
If you cannot install our drivers by "Continuing anyway" and you have service pack SP2 installed, then try reloading Windows. You have a corrupted Windows DLL MSVCRT32.DLL
Call us at 972-479-1011 x103 We have many used models which are not listed on our website and we can sell you a working unit for less. We can also service your broken unit.

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